73% of survey respondents say they'd cycle to work during Tube strike if there was less danger from motor traffic

Survey pie chart

The London Cycling Campaign surveyed Londoners over the weekend via Twitter, and found that 73% of respondents who don't regularly cycle said they'd be more likely to ride to work during the Tube strike if "there was less danger from motor traffic" (see chart above).

Of those that responded, a third said "large/unsafe/intimidating junctions" were the most significant factor in their feeling unsafe (see chart below). 

Other factors highlighted included "Fast motor traffic" (19.5%), "The threat from lorries" (15.5%) and "Car/vans and taxis rat-running through residential streets" (13%).

The other popular response to this question was in the "Other" section where a significant number of respondents wrote "All of the above".

Survey pie chart 2

96% of all respondents said local councils should do more to make cycling safer, with 3% not sure, and only 1% saying councils are currently doing enough to make our streets safe and inviting for everyone to cycle (see chart below).

Tomorrow, we're staging a demo during the morning rush hour (8.15am at the IMAX roundabout, Waterloo) to highlight the fact that most Londoners don't have a genuine choice to cycle, during a Tube strike or otherwise, because motor traffic on our streets is too intimidating.

The message from our demo tomorrow isn't one that undermines industrial action in any way – rather, we're pointing out the obvious fact that all Londoners should have the choice to cycle every day, whether there's a Tube strike or not

The Tube strike highlights this issue really well, but the lack of choice to cycle in London is valid for most people every day of the year.

Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said, "It's vital our local authorities, which control 95% of our city's streets, redesign our city's streets so they're safe and inviting so all Londoners have the choice to cycle every day."

Our Space for Cycling campaign is currently encouraging thousands of local election candidates to support improvements to cycling conditions in local streets.

Sadly, most people say they're too scared of motor traffic (like that in the photo of Vauxhall one-way system above) to cycle in London, although many say they're like to cycle more if conditions were right.

205 people answered the survey, which was carried out via Twitter and Facebook over the weekend of 26-27 April 2014.