A day in the life of Cycletastic

Cycletastic is a cycling project in Kilburn which has been funded by the Community Cycling Fund for London in the past.

Michael Carøe Andersen describes how the project has been expanding and, most importantly, the services they now provide to their local community.

The first shed day for Cycletastic. A local family came by to get an overhaul of their bikes.

In an alley on a side street in Kilburn, Cycletastic, a local cycle project, has got a new home.

Or actually its first home as it used to reside in boxes in the hall entrance and under the stairs in Josie Warshaw's home.
Josie is one of the founders of Cycletastic and one of the people who have put a lot of effort into getting a space for Cycletastic - and now she can finally walk in her door without stepping over a bike stand or a pump.

The shed is half a freight container and it was quite a spectacle on the street the day it got delivered and squeezed into its place by a huge crane. In the weekends and evenings of April and May Chris Bissell, one of the local fixers, has been busy coordinating the process of kitting out the shed.

The inside of the shed is only 2 by 5 meters so a lot of thought has gone into how to best utilise the space. On the left there is a workbench with wall-mounted and small parts.
Along most of the back wall a shelving unit is raised with see through boxes for bigger bike parts. There is also a rack dedicated to inner tubes and one for leaflets and other paperwork. The righthand side will be used to store bikes hanging from the ceiling  and wheels and trailers on the ground.

Cycletastic was started in 2005 to promote cycling. We are presently 6 core volunteers and 3 occasional volunteers who help people fix their bikes at local community centres, Queens Park farmer's market and other outdoor events.

We plan to offer a more regular service at the shed where one or two fixers can assist on Sundays over the summer.

You are more than welcome to drop by in the alley behind 36-38 Willesden Lane NW6 for a chat, to donate a bike or bike parts or if you are interested in helping out. Volunteers will get free parts.