A little funding goes a long way for school in Sutton

Link Secondary School

Link Secondary School in South London caters for students with language impairments.

It received a £4,060 grant from the Community Cycling Fund for London in spring 2010 to offer improved and further cycling opportunities for both pupils and staff.

In June and July alone, the school has achieved a tremendous amount.

  • During Bike Week, all 40 pupils in years 7-11 received cycle training.
  • 13 staff members joined a Fun Ride organised by the school.
  • 2 pupils learned to ride a two-wheeled bike for the first time.
  • 3 pupils have taken up cycle training as part of their occupational therapy.
  • 14 pupils have cycled on the road for the first time and are looking forward to join a sponsored ride in autumn in support of the Riverside Animal Sanctuary in Beddington Park.
  • The school has been promoting and raising awareness of cycling at their events.

The community team at LCC are proud to be a part of the school’s success.