<b>About our E-mail group</b>

Lambeth Cyclists use Yahoo! Groups for e-mail updates and discussion. You can view messages on-line here:


Below is some advice on:

  1. How to join the group
  2. Some precautions
  3. How to manage too many e-mails

1. How to join

If you want to ask a question, participate in discussions, or simply receive e-mails from the group, there are two ways to join:

Via the Website

Click the 'Join this group' button on the homepage:


Joining this way gives you access to more features of the Yahoo group. N.B. To join this group on-line you have to register for a Yahoo profile.

By E-mail subscription

Send a blank e-mail to:


Joining this way gives you e-mail updates, but you won't have access to all the web features of the Yahoo group.

2. Some precautions

Whichever way you join, please briefly introduce yourself so that we can accept your request. This is only a precautionary measure to keep out spammers. Thanks.

If you need help in changing your Yahoo group membership, help is provided here:


Alternatively, send us a message requesting which setting you'd prefer; e.g. daily digest of e-mails or web-only viewing.

Are you under 16 years old? Then please read this:


3. Too many e-mails?

Don't leave! Try one of the following:

  • Folders

Create a folder in your inbox and set up a rule for e-mails with [Lambeth_Cyclists] in the subject title, which you can then read at leisure.

  • E-mail delivery

Set your Yahoo group subscription for either:

  • A daily digest of one e-mail containing all the day's messages, or
  • Read messages on the website only without receiving e-mails.

Log onto the website:


or just ask us to change the setting for you if you're not sure how to do this.

  • Updates without discussion

Simply let us know if you only want 'official' announcements of Lambeth Cyclists as e-mails (e.g. for meetings, events, rides, and other campaign information) without the discussion. Use the feedback form below.

Lambeth Cyclists are a branch of the London Cycling Campaign.