About the Community Cycling Fund for London

Transport for London (TfL) and the Community Cycling Fund for London (CCFfL)

The CCFfL is supported by TfL and is match funded by the Big Lottery’s Active Travel Consortium.

The fund of almost £250,000 a year provides community groups and organisations with small grant allocations (under £5000) to enable people from London’s diverse communities to experience the benefits of cycling.

Community cycling @ the London Cycling Campaign (LCC)

LCC administers the CCFfL and the community team works closely with TfL and the Big Lottery to provide more people with the opportunity to cycle more often.

Through the fund we can create opportunities for those that have not had access to cycling for a variety of reasons such as social exclusion, lack of resources, or cultural or religious beliefs.

How to use this site

When the TfL logo appears alongside an article on the LCC website it means that the project has been supported by TfL through the CCFfL.

If you see the Big Lottery logo it means that the project received match funding from the Big Lottery.

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