Active Travel Consortium launches £30 million walking and cycling project

LCC is a member of the Active Travel Consortium (ATC), a unique grouping of cycling, walking and health organisations delighted to have received funding of £20 million from the Big Lottery Fund's Well-being programme to help communities build healthier lifestyles. Together the ATC will deliver projects that enable over 2 million people to walk and cycle more for everyday journeys. In addition to LCC the members of the ATC are British Cycling, Cycling England, Living Streets, National Heart Forum, National Obesity Forum, Sustrans, The Ramblers Association, Transport 2000 and Walk21.

LCC is being funded specifically to develop further its groundbreaking community cycling project, which has already helped thousands of Londoners to become more active and help promote cycling in their community.

See below for the official news release from the ATC.

A healthier lifestyle will soon be available for over two million people

An exciting £30million project to help people all over England change their travel habits and improve their health has been announced.

The four year programme will give millions of people who are currently inactive the practical support they need to walk and cycle as part of their everyday lives.
The £30 million, project, of which £20 million has come from the Big Lottery Fund’s Well-being programme, will support a new coalition of health, transport and environmental groups, working together as the
Active Travel Consortium (ATC). Leading an active lifestyle, by including walking and cycling and part of our daily routine, has a huge part to play in tackling the worrying rise in obesity. The ATC’s wide ranging portfolio of projects is designed to help people who would not usually walk or cycle to make their journeys to school, work and in their local areas by
foot or bike.

The members of the Consortium have the relevant expertise and proven track record that places them in the ideal position to deliver the hundreds of projects. These range from cycling mentoring schemes and
walking projects aimed at lower-income groups to bespoke travel behaviour change work to encourage people out of their cars and enhancement schemes in local areas to make them safer and more attractive for walking and cycling.

It is estimated that over two million people will directly benefit from the ATC over its four year lifespan and the knock-on effects will have huge environmental and health benefits for generations to come.

Malcolm Shepherd commenting on behalf of the Consortium, says; “Coming at a time when over half of all men and nearly three quarters of all women are not physically active enough to benefit their health and wellbeing this funding gives a huge opportunity to get those people who are not currently active incorporating, and enjoying, walking and cycling, as part
of their everyday lives”.

The ATC’s lead partner is Sustrans and its members are British Cycling, Cycling England, CTC, Living Streets, London Cycling Campaign, National Heart Forum, National Obesity Forum, The Ramblers Association, Transport 2000 and Walk21.

The ATC’s funding comes from the Well-being programme of the Big Lottery Fund. Work will begin on the projects from January 2008. The Big Lottery Fund’s Well-being programme is helping communities build healthier lifestyles through a three-pronged focus; improving mental well-being; making people more physically active; and encouraging children, parents and the wider community to eat more healthily.