Alix's story

"I volunteered at the LCC because I was working part-time for another campaigning organisation and I wanted to do something constructive with my spare days. It’s always nice to get that warm glow of knowing that you’re willingly giving your services for free, rather than being a grudging wage-slave.

The people at LCC are lovely and will make you as much tea as you like. And if you’ve been really good they’ll take you with them for a slap-up lunch at the local greasy spoon.

There are loads of different things you could be doing in the office, from the mundane, give-your-brain-a-break jobs (updating the database, membership chores) to the really tricky thought-provoking tasks (using the photocopier, working out what the staff are actually doing).

Seriously… you could be writing copy for the website, solving problems that LCC members and other random people phone in with, or taking calls for the busy staff in the office.

Helping out at the LCC added to my experience, which helped me get a job at a transport research charity. The contacts I made at the LCC have really helped with my new job, pointing me in the right direction for cycling research.

Give it a go and make their day – you know you want to, and you never know what it might lead to."