All ability cycling guide

 Credit: Whizz Kidz 2009
Credit: WhizzKidz

Cycling offers a combination of independence, challenge, socialising, exercising, and fun.

Today a great range of bikes suited to every need is available. Specially adapted bikes like trikes, tandems, and recumbents can often be fitted with extras such as strap-on pedals to allow for maximum comfort of the rider.

Organisations such as London Recumbents and Bikeworks hire them out to individuals or as part of a cycling club. The WiZZBiKE Foundation offers a wide range of bikes to try and a personal assessment to find the bike most suited to a rider's needs.

The All Ability cycling guide

Sponsored by the WiZZBiKE Foundation

The All Ability cycling guide which you can download via the link on the right features case studies of individuals with learning or physical disabilities. It also includes contact details for manufacturers and suppliers, for all ability cycle clubs, and much more.