All Ability Cycling guide and film launch success

All ability guide launch
LCC community cycling officer Rosie Tharp launches the 2009 All Ability Cycling Guide

On 26 February 2009 the London Cycling Campaign launched the latest All Ability Cycling Guide.

The event at the Roxy cinema-bar in SE1 also saw the premiere of Go Cycling, a short film extolling the benefits of all-ability cycling.

The event was well attended by representatives of disability groups, government organisations and other interested parties.

LCC community cycling officer Rosie Tharp said, "It's great to get all these interested parties in one place. We hope there are some strong bonds made here tonight, and the strength of all-ability cycling in Greater London continues to grow."

"You only have to watch the film or read the guide to see the health and wellbeing benefits that cycling can bring those with physical or mental disabilities."

Community Cycling Fun for London funding
The guide and the DVD were produced with  CCFfL funding from TfL and the Big Lottery’s Active Travel Consortium grant allocation scheme.

LCC worked in collaboration with the London Disability Arts Forum to produce the film and guide.

LCC has supported several disability groups and organisations to deliver cycling projects over the years and the difference that this has made to participants’ lives has been immense. We are keen to let people know about existing groups and to inspire others to set up similar projects or to access existing services.

Click below to watch the Go Cycling film and click on the link on the right to download the All Ability cycling guide.