All London boroughs delivering cycle training 2010/11

An LCC investigation has established which borough councils are spending the most on cycle training in 2010-11.

Money for cycle training is no longer ring-fenced for the purpose by Transport for London, but all London councils have chosen to support the measure.

Responses to LCC questions show councils are spending an average of £100,000 on cycle training, an amount that can train several thousand adults and children.

Ealing, Richmond, Hounslow, Tower Hamlets and Hackney are spending the most, in excess of £150,000; while Enfield, Hammersmith & Fulham, Redbridge, and Haringey will spend less than £70,000 each.

Campaigns manager Tom Bogdanowicz said, "It's imperative councils fund school cycle training because every year new children enter Year Six when training should be provided.

Get cycle training in your area

If you have children at school and want cycle training for them, contact the headmaster or the council’s school travel advisor.

Cycle training courses for adults are usually managed by the council cycling officer or road safety officer. Call your council main switchboard and ask about cycle training.

Transport for London has details on its website