ALTURA Night Vision Evo jacket, £99,

This is Altura’s most popular commuter jacket and it makes no apologies for being a cycling jacket with a cycling-specific cut and bucket loads of reflective features. For those who want a general outdoor jacket for on and off the bike, it might not be to your taste. 

For cycling though you can’t help but be impressed by the cut — it has a decent arm length so that it won’t ride up as you stretch to the bars, a long back to catch the splashes and a higher cut at the front to eliminate bagging. It’s made from a soft Touch 2 layer fabric which is waterproof, breathable and durable. 

The zips are water repellent and there are underarm ‘pit-zips’ and a back vent if extra ventilation is required. There is a light fleece collar with drawcord for a snug fit and a mesh lining. This jacket features the most reflective material of all the jackets tested which avoids being gaudy while affording the security of high visibility from any angle. 

Extra features include an attachable hood (available for £9.99) and a nifty LED lightstick which can attach to the rear for extra visibility. There’s ample storage with chest, rear and two side pockets. Colours: black, red, yellow.

PROS excellent reflective detailing
CONS cut won’t suit everyone