UPDATED: Darwins Deli delivery rider is latest London cyclist-lorry crash victim

According to news reports, another London cyclist has been killed in a lorry crash, this time in Commercial Road in the borough of Tower Hamlets, near the junction with Arbour Square (pictured above).

The victim has been named as Javed Sumbal, 34, an arts graduate who worked at the popular Darwin's Deli company in order to fund his MBA studies.

Darwin's Deli delivers sandwiches to offices across London by bike.

It's reported that Javed was hugely popular among staff and customers.

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The crash took place during the morning rush hour, and a man was pronounced dead at the scene shortly before 8.30am.

The Dutch-registered HGV involved in the crash stopped at the scene and the driver was later arrested on suspicion of causing death by careless driving. Such arrests are routine after a fatal collision.

The pictures of the scene show a London bus close to the lorry. It is hoped that CCTV cameras on the bus may provide evidence to help the police investigate what led to this tragic crash.

This is the 14th time this year a Londoner has died riding a bicycle, and the victim is the fifth cyclist to die in a lorry crash during 2012.

Each year, around half the cyclist fatalities in the capital involve lorry collisions.

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said, "Our thoughts are with the family and friends of this latest victim.

"It takes time to build the Continental-style infrastructure that can remove the risk of collisions, as called for by our 'Love London, Go Dutch' campaign, but creating safer lorries is something that should happen right now.

"Of course it’s not possible to say now what caused this latest tragedy, but the occurence of yet another cyclist-lorry fatality reinforces the urgent need to address the large proportion of cyclists killed in lorry crashes every year.

"Every lorry on London’s streets should driven by someone who’s had cyclist-awareness training, on a bike as well as in a classroom, and all lorries must be kitted out with the latest safety equipment such as mirrors, cameras and sensors."

LCC is urging everyone to write to their council calling on them to take our Safer Lorries pledge, calling for them to only use the safest lorries and best-trained drivers.

It's only two weeks since the last fatal lorry crash, when 35-year-old father Brian Florey was killed in Barking.