Anti-drink-drive advertisement angers cyclists

This advert from Transport for London depicts those who don't drive cars as childish and helpless

A Transport for London advertisement, aimed at reducing the incidence of drink driving, has been strongly criticised for portraying non-drivers as childlike.

The advert entitled 'Kid Again' depicts a person who has lost their driving licence because of drink driving as having the characteristics of a young boy.

The ad campaign featured on radio, cinema and on poster sites solely in the capital.

According to the London Safety Camera Partnership, who jointly produced the ad with TfL, it's designed to scare 17-25 year olds about the potential "loss of freedom and social status".

Wrong message to send to young people
Hackney cyclist Trevor Parsons said, "It's bizarre that this campaign is London-specific seeing as the capital is the best place in the UK for a young person to delay taking up motoring and still have excellent access to study, work and leisure."

"There's enough peer and advertising pressure pushing young people towards car dependency without them being belittled at public expense too."

To make a complaint about the advert, contact the Advertising Standards Authority using the link below.