Appeal for witnesses to cyclist fatality

Eilidh Cairns memorial ride

photo Hundreds of cyclists took part in a dignified memorial ride for Eilidh Cairns in March of this year

Family and friends of Eilidh Cairns, the cyclist killed in a collision with a lorry in Notting Hill in February, are appealing for witnesses.

Three months after the incident, which happened on a busy commuter route on a weekday morning, still no-one who saw the accident has come forward.

Eilidh’s sister Kate said, “This crash was not typical. Eilidh rode this same route every day for three years, and was an experienced cyclist. She knew to be wary of HGVs.”

“Both she and the lorry were travelling the same direction, in slow-moving traffic, on a one-way road, with no exit and no junction.”

"No-one can give me any explanation: I just need to know what happened to my sister."

The incident happened just before 9am on Thursday 5 February near the pedestrian crossing by 124 Notting Hill Gate (pictured). Any witnessess are urged to make contact using the form below.

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