Architecture Ride: John Nash Picnic

Saturday 20th August 2005

A leisurely ride around Nash’s legacy to the nation – including Buckingham Palace, Waterloo Place, Regent’s Street and Regent’s Park for a picnic.

(TH Shepherd, Cumberland Terrace, 1827)
(TH Shepherd, Cumberland Terrace, 1827)

After lunch we enjoyed the many further housing developments around the Park. Although Lambeth-born Nash was architecturally conservative, his town planning is important as it links up the Picturesque of the eighteenth century with the Garden City ideas of the twentieth.

Those of you able to come to the September ride will see this first hand, as the ride is starting in Bedford Park, the first garden suburb started by Norman Shaw in 1874.

On the steps by Waterloo Place. Credit: Tom Bogdanowicz
On the steps by Waterloo Place. (photo: Tom Bogdanowicz)