Are speed bumps a good idea?

The transport committee is gauging Londoner’s views on whether speed humps should be built or removed. Witnesses will be questioned on 11 December and a report will be published in February 2004. 

In parts of the three boroughs I represent road humps have become a real hot potato. My postbag is full of concerns from south Islington residents in particular, although a lot of this stems from the chaos caused by the badly managed implementation. I have already raised with the Mayor concerns about how Transport for London money has been spent in Islington.

There seems to be no logic to which type of road hump goes where – including over freshly painted cycle routes.  Any residents who want to contribute to the committee’s work can send comments to me and I will raise them with TfL and the committee as appropriate.

Meg Hillier (Greater London Assembly member representing London North East – includes Islington) writes a Monthly Report, this is from October’s edition.

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