Around the world cycling record tumbles but could fall again

A man from Balham has become the fastest person to circumnavigate the world by bicycle, taking just 175 days, though another cyclist is on course to beat that feat.

Friends and family of James Bowthorpe greeted him at his finish point in Hyde Park after an 18,000-mile trip that has taken him through 20 countries in 175 days.

The previous record for the fastest circumnavigation stood at 194 days 17 hours, set by Mark Beaumont in 2008.

However, Julian Sayarer, a 23-year-old London cycle courier and former LCC volunteer, is on course to beat the latest record, averaging a massive 112 miles per day, which would bring him home in 160 days.

LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "We're really impressed by the dedication of all these riders, though we can't help rooting for Julian seeing as he gave his time for free to help out in the LCC office.

"He's still got a long way to go, mind, and anything can happen on a trip as long as his."