Ask your councillor or MP to support LCC's election cycling manifestos

You can help make sure cycling provision is one of your candidates' priorities in the upcoming elections.

Download one or both of the template letters on the right to use as a base for writing to your local council or parliamentary candidates. The letters include LCC's mainfestos for the elections. Your local LCC group may have developed its own manifesto for the elections raising local issues so check out their website (under the Local Groups section of this site).

You can copy/rewrite the relevant sections of the template letters into an email, using to send a message to your incumbent MP or councillor.

To write to your prospective candidates too, you must wait until the lists are published on the dates outlined below:

Local elections
On 12 April (after midday) the names of the candidates for the local elections should be published on your local council website.

The list will include their names and addresses but not their emails, which you should be able to find on the local party websites or by googling the candidates’ names. 

General elections
The procedure for the general election is similar but with the names posted after 5pm on the 20 April (the deadline for nominations is noon that day).

However, in many cases general election candidates are already known and the local press might already provide their names and emails. Or you can find many of them here:

or here

Tips for writing to candidates
1. Candidates prefer a personalised letter, so it's more effective to adapt our draft letters or write your own.

2. When writing, or speaking, to candidates for the local elections it is always worth asking them about small local issues.

They might be willing to commit to providing a few bike stands for example or to support two way cycle access to local street which is currently one-way only. Some councils have small pools of money that councillors can spend in their ward.

3. Please send any response you receive to your local LCC group, so that it can be passed on to other LCC members. Local group contacts can be found under the Local Groups section of this site.