MEPs give overwhelming support for measures in the European Parliament to improve lorry safety for London cycling and walking


UPDATE: 15th April 2014 Euro MEPs voted overwhelmingly to support amendments to the lorry design directive.

Thank you to all our supporters who sent messages asking MEPs to support the vote in Strasbourg. 570 MEPs suported the change with only 88 against.

Now the campaign focus changes to all 28 governments in the Council of Europe who will negotiate the final changes. In January London's Mayor Boris Johnson expressed concern that the UK government would oppose these changes.

To date the UK government is still talking about amending the version supported by their and most other MEPs. London Cycling Campaign fears the proposals will be watered down, putting the emphasis back on more larger lorries and not on cyclist and pedestrian safety.

Some of the responses our members recieved from their MEPs are shown below. LCC will be working with other cycling, pedestrian and safety groups to lobby the government to full support the European Parliament's decision. We will be sending out further calls for support in the coming weeks.

Safer Urban Lorry


Our call for action from last week:

On 15 April 2014 the European Parliament will vote on its Transport Committee report supporting major changes to the regulations governing how lorries are designed, which has the potential to make them much safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

See our report on how they support LCC's proposals for "Direct Vision" lorries.

We urging our supporters to email their MEPs in support of this vote.

The proposals are at risk of being neutralised by individual governments in the European Council.

Our support for the MEPs will strengthen their position in the bargaining over the final directive.

London Cycling Campaign and the other members of the Action on Lorry Danger group will be lobbying the UK government and Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin to reverse their opposition to these safety improvements.

Show there is strong popular support by emailing your MEP now.

Please use this text or add your personal views, and email to the following people (use the BCC field for the addresses if you choose to email them simultaneously):

The London MEPs are:

Lorries are involved in over 50% of all cycling deaths in Greater London. This horrific statistic can be reversed if lorries are designed in a way that prioritises cyclist and pedestrian safety.

The vote in the Plenary session of the European Parliament on 15 April 2014 supporting the report from the Parliament's Transport Committee will do just that.

Your support for this measure will guarantee it passes to the next stage and ensure its provisions are not weakened by changes from the Commision and European Council.

Please can you assure me that you will vote to support safer lorries?

Could you also take the time to write to the UK transport minister asking for his full support on this issue in the Council of Ministers.

Thanks for your support.