Ask your MP to attend the Get Britain Cycling parliamentary debate.

On Thursday 16 October at around 11.30am, there'll be a debate in Parliament on what progress has been made towards Get Britain Cycling, the cross-party report written by MPs which was publicly welcomed by leaders of the main parties.

You can watch the debate live on Parliament TV.

The report - which calls for targets to boost cycle use from below 2% of trips at present to 10% (approaching German levels) by 2025 and to 25% (roughly Dutch levels) by 2050, and recommends spending of at least £10 per person annually on cycling, rising to £20 per person as cycle use increases - received an unopposed vote of support following the previous Commons debate which was attended by around 100 MPs.

However, national government’s response to date has been disappointing and funding commitments so far, although welcome, have only been short-term and highly localised. 

While the Mayor of London has committed to spending £913 million on cycling over the next ten years, it's really important that national government’s investment reflects this kind of commitment. A lack of funding for cycling at a national level could become a threat to continued investment in London.   

LCC, along with CTC, Sustrans and other members of the UK Cycling Alliance, is asking supporters to urge their MP to attend the debate, and to support the inclusion of the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report’s recommendations in their party’s manifesto.

We've set up a quick tool to enable you to easily email your MP and urge them to attend. Write to your MP now.