Assembly candidates unite to back cycling manifesto

 Cyclists in Islington have welcomed all-party backing for two-wheeled travel as the London Assembly election campaign hots up. Candidates for the North East London constituency from the four main parties have put aside their differences to endorse LCC’s ‘Cycling Manifesto for London’.

ICAG contacted the candidates to ask them to sign up to the ten point plan – which includes providing safe cycle parking in every Islington school within two years, a standard speed limit of 20mph for residential streets and a programme to reallocate road space to cycling and walking.

Islington Councillor Terry Stacy (Liberal Democrat) and Jon Nott from the Greens both gave their full backing to the manifesto. They were joined by sitting London Assembly member Meg Hillier on behalf of the Labour Party. Conservative candidate Andrew Boff also offered his support for better cycling facilities, endorsing eight of the ten points in the LCC manifesto.

Voting for the London Assembly takes place on 10 June, together with elections for the Mayor of London and the European Parliament.

If you would like a copy of the candidates’ full responses to ICAG’s questionnaire, click on 'Contact Us'.