Atomic22 Security bolts for bike components


I watched as a sad young man holding a fork-less bike frame talked to a police officer – you can guess the rest: every part on the bike had been stripped leaving just the lock and frame.  These days two hex (allen) keys are enough to remove most components as well as the Aheadset, and therefore the fork and front wheel, on your bike.  Atomic22 kits are designed to stop such part theft. One unique key can secure all the titanium/stainless steel bolts and nuts you can afford. And they mean any bolt:– track nuts, chainset bolts, Aheadsets, gear mechs, brakes, quill stems and, of course, the vulnerable seat pin and saddle bolts. It’s pricey (£109 buys a kit for front wheel, seatpin and Aheadset) but effective - the immaculately finished designs guard against molegrips and chisels as well as spanners and hex keys. One of attraction of Atomic22 bolts, is that they don’t look out of place on top-flight components. For on-the-road bolt removal Atomic22 supply a nifty micro ratcheting spanner which fits the unique key (or other most other bolts when using the right adaptor bits). So if all your bolts are Atomic22s,  you can use one convenient, and small, spanner for the lot. Ordering Atomic22 bolts for standard bike models is straight forward; for custom and vintage bikes, however, you need to submit accurate measurements. As the selection of choices on their website indicates the Atomic22 team are familiar with the odd and unusual in frame and component design. The UK company says that many of their customers are fitting the bolts to high-end components: Phil Wood hubs, Campag chainsets, Royce hubs. But there are also those who are protecting their favourite Brooks saddle or simply want to be sure that they can return to a bike with all it’s components intact. If you want peace of mind when leaving your bike outdoors Atomic 22 bolts are a wise investment.


Pros: Effective and well made (in the UK)  answer to part-theft

Cons: Ordering the right size bolts.