Audit review & testimonials

"The LCC's consultancy services have allowed the Workspace Group to really get its cycle parking facilities right. The end result is many more tenants cycling to work, and we can now proudly say that we are contributing to a healthier London," Claire Dracup, Group Business Centre Manager, Workspace Group,

LCC has also worked with hospitals and Primary Care Trusts to make cycling more attractive to staff.

This helps reduce car parking pressures and improves staff health, especiially relevant in this sector.

We have also worked with shops, helping them to meet sales targets by attracting cyclists to spend money in their stores.

For businesses keen to meet their corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets, and to improve the health and vitality of their staff, cycle audits are proved invaluable.

Around six months to a year later, some organisations request an appraisal or review of their cycling facilities to update or expand their cycling initiatives.

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