Aussie-inspired Roberts heading for Rendezvous on 13th June (Guildhall Yard 4pm -7pm )

Aussie-inspired Roberts heading for Rendezvous on 13th June (Guildhall Yard 4pm -7pm )

The world’s most renowned Velodrome designer (including the London Olympic Velodrome), Ron Webb, was a track rider in his youth. On a trip to the UK in the sixties he asked for his custom-built Roberts to transmit more power through the pedals. The outcome was the distinctive Roberts ‘beefy’ seat stay which created a stiffer rear triangle for better power transmission.

A rare example of  this 60s design, built while Charlie Roberts was still using his home address on the head badge, has turned up at the Hackney Peddler shop and will be making its way to the Roberts Rendezvous at Guildhall Yard, City of London on 13th of June (4pm – 7pm) . The frame number, which looks to be 66, suggests it was one of the earliest to leave the Roberts workshop.


Roberts ‘beefy’ stays appeared at a time when many frame makers were still using the pencil stays favoured in the 1950s but they became more common during the late sixties and seventies.

The red track frame is one of dozen Roberts hanging in the showroom of Hackney Peddler which purchased some of the remaining stock when the Croydon workshop of Roberts closed down in 2015.

Owners and fans of Roberts Cycles and related brands (Holdsworth, Claud Butler, Geoffrey Butler, Freddie Grubb, Condor, Pearson, Nerve, Varohna) are gathering at Guildhall Yard on the 13th of June, as part of the City Cycling Festival, to celebrate more than 50 years of Roberts production.

Three of the legendary Roberts frame builders will be at the event: Geoff Roberts, Winston Vaz and Adrian Parry. We also anticipate other staff members and Roberts’ history experts.

Specially designed commemorative CR medals will be awarded for the oldest, most unusual and best preserved Roberts.

Geoff Roberts has kindly offered a prize of a very generous discount off the price of an item from his frame workshop

Replicas of the CR medals (which also serve as key rings) will be available after the event. Some fans are also crowd-funding a new Roberts jersey: details at 

All registered attendees (send an email with Roberts in the subject line to will receive a free copy of the acclaimed children’s book “Fred the Magic Bicycle.”

The plan for the informal evening is as follows:

4 pm arrivals – there is a fine gallery (free entrance) on site open till 5pm

5pm onwards – chats with builders, former staff and other Roberts’ owners

6pm – 6.30 – Historical line up and judges assess assembled cycles

6.40 – Prize giving

6.50 - Group photo

7 pm – Continued discussion at Davy’s Woolgate Bar and Brasserie (across the road from Guildhall in Basinghall St). Woolgate Exchange, 25 Basinghall St, London EC2V 5HA

Cycle parking: We invite you to bring your cycles in to Guildhall Yard so that we can all admire them. There is, however, parking in Aldermanbury just outside Guildhall. At Davy’s Bar we will be standing outside in close proximity to walls where bikes can be placed within eyesight.