Aussies pioneer bike parking

photo The Bike Pod parking system takes up only a single car parking space yet stores up to 10 bikes

An Australian company has come up with a new high-tech, eco-friendly bike facility called the Bikepod.

Although some of the solar-powered features are less suitable for London's temperate climate, the Pods have been broadly welcomed as a fine example of cycle parking innovation.

Designed by Penny Farthings Pushbike Parking, each Pod is powered by a combination of solar panels and a 12-volt battery. Pods take up just one car parking space and can contain a mixture of bike racks, lockers and showers.

The showers can also be solar-powered and timed, while movement-sensitive LEDs light the facility. 'Grey' water emitted by the Pod can be re-used.

The company has also come up with space-saving upright bike parking racks, which they call cradles and trees.

photo The Bike Pod's interior can contain up to two changing rooms, two showers and 20 lockers