Bank Junction is changing for the better


Bank junction is now free of all motor traffic (except buses) from 7am to 7pm on weekdays. 

This is a massive step forward for the notoriously nasty intersection in the City of London. It’s well known as a collision hotspot for pedestrians and cyclists. LCC had been campaigning for changes to the junction for years, and after Ying Tao was killed there in 2015 by a tipper truck, hundreds of you joined us on a protest calling for a safer junction for everyone. 

Now the City of London Corporation have responded – as of the 22nd May, only people on foot, bike or bus are allowed to travel through the junction. This victory could only be achieved with the support of all of you – so thank you.  

But this is could only be a temporary transformation. This scheme is a trial, and obviously, we want it to be made permanent.   


While the trial is running we’ll need to show it some love. The more positive feedback we can send the City of London Corporation, the better. They’ve already taken a bruising over this scheme from taxi drivers, and we want to show that there are many, many people out there that support this. 

Send your feedback to – all comments sent to this address will go into the final review of the scheme.  

We'll be updating this page with the latest news - so keep checking back to find out more as the trial runs. 


  1. How are they stopping people driving through the junction?
    They are using number plate recognition technology to fine any motor vehicle (that isn’t a bus) that travels through the junction. 
  2. How much is the fine? 
  3. The fine is £130 pounds (with is reduced to £65 if it’s paid in 14 days)
  4. How long is the trial period? 
  5. The trial period is for 18 months, although there is a chance that it could get shut down before then. That's why we're asking you to say #ThanksforBank as loudly as possible!

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