Bank Junction scheme gets thumbs up

The road scheme to make Bank junction safer by restricting it to buses and bikes from 7am to 7pm has smoothly passed its first hurdle: a one month review demanded by opponents, notably taxi driver representatives.

The City of London Court of Common Council was told on 22nd June, in the medieval Guildhall, that 'to date implementation has gone well.' Journey times for buses, which are allowed through the junction, was better than expected with a saving of one and a half minutes per trip. The total signal time at the junction had been reduced giving pedestrians more opportunites to cross and anecdotal reports indicate that noise levels have fallen.

Aldermen and women also heard that 'resilience' was adequate with the City able to cope with unexpected incidents on the roads despite the traffic restriction at Bank. Instances of loading and unloading outside permitted hours were to be more strongly enforced. Compliance was improving with 85% of previous motor traffic not going through the junction despite enforcement largely through signage. It was expected to improve further when penalty notices start to come through.  

Numerous LCC members have reported their delight at the very substantial reduction of danger at the junction. LCC distributed flyers encouraging courtesy by all road users ahead of the scheme. The City expects to speak to local businesses about the scheme and also canvas the views of users - if you want to be notified of City surveys and consultations please sign up to our newsletter or, even better, join and get two free books.  

A full report on the trial scheme is expected in a years' time with an interim report in six months.