BASIL Jada-Mirte bag, £43.99,


‘Excuse me, where did you get your pannier?’ — it’s not a question you often hear one female cyclist ask another. But we’ve heard it about the Jada-Mirte on a few occasions. It’s easy to see why — its 16-litre, unpartitioned capacity was made to shop. 

It puts Dutch elegance, an attractive and understated design and a comfortable-to-carry shopping bag style into one water-resistant package. When it’s off the bike, it’s almost impossible to pick out as a pannier. Zipping up the fixing cover leaves only a small reflective strip to give away the Jada-Mirte’s cycling allegiances. It isn’t intended for heavy loads or bumpy roads — the fixing system won't take the punishment — but if you want to turn heads on a shopping trip, it’s  for you.