Being safe

Show consideration and obey signs like this

Always make sure that you and your bike remain safe: just because it’s a leisure trip does not mean that you don’t need to think about safety, being seen, and locking your bike.

  • If there is any chance that you’ll still be riding when it gets dark remember to take some lights and reflective strips. Check that the lights work before you leave.

  • Make sure you know the rules of the Highway Code before you ride on the road. A bell is extremely useful for warning walkers and other cyclists that you need to pass.

  • If cycling in the countryside be aware that you can cycle on bridleways (with respect for walkers and horse riders) and BOATs - By-ways Open to All Traffic, but not on footpaths - these are for walkers only.

  • If you plan to leave your bike unattended anywhere make sure you have a good lock. See our ‘Bike Security’ booklet for more advice on locking your bike.