Ben Chico: LCC's Youngest Campaigner



If you click onto Ben Chico’s JustGiving page, you’ll see this simple opening line:

I am 9 and raising money for more cycling lanes for London Cycling Campaign because we can’t afford more pollution and cycling helps!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Ben.

Ben is our youngest campaigner and fundraiser to date. A dedicated commuter, he sees the value in streets being child-friendly again, so that kids get the chance to experience – and learn from the fun and freedom that a bike brings, and his fundraising page aims to do exactly that.

We were able to chat with Ben and ask him a few questions about his involvement with LCC and what he hopes for in his fundraising endeavours:

LCC: Why are you raising money for the London Cycling Campaign?

Ben Chico: Because we can't afford more pollution and cycling helps!

LCC: What’s your favourite thing about cycling to school?

BC: It’s good exercise and I like to go fast!

LCC: What’s your least favourite thing about cycling to school?

BC: I absolutely hate witnessing cycling accidents.

LCC: How did you win the competition to go to the Eden Project – what did you learn from your visit?

BC: I learnt how much damage we are doing the environment and how we can to make it better! I won the competition by entering a manifesto, as did other students who wanted to go to the Eden Project, and the head teacher chose 24 of the best, which fortunately included mine!

LCC: What’s more difficult – running 5km or getting people to sponsor you?

BC: Even though neither were too hard, getting the sponsors was easier than the 5km race.

LCC: How much do you hope to raise?

BC: I would like to get to £800 or more.

Ben has currently raised £415.12, just over half of his £800 target. Please help Ben reach his goals to help build a cycling London by donating today.  

LCC would like to thank Ben (who turned 10 this month!) for his tireless campaigning work on behalf of LCC and for reminding us all that it’s never too early to start building a happy and healthy cycling London.