Benefits of Cargo Bikes : A Carry Me Bikes profile

London Cycling Campaign photographer Snapper Steve speaks to Alix, owner of social enterprise Carry Me Bikes and Kimberley, a customer using cargo bikes for running her market stall in Hackney.

"Carry Me Bikes is a social enterprise that I set up last year with the aim of replacing polluting car journeys with journeys by cargo bike. I decided to start the business in Hackney because there’s a lot of cycling here already. I think around 14 percent cycle to work now, which is pretty high for England and is easily the highest in London. As well as selling the bikes, I rent out my demonstration models to families, market traders and organisations at very reasonable rates.

The whole image of cycling is that you can’t carry much on a bike. For example, as people settle down and have families they often stop cycling because they don’t have a way of carrying the kids. In reality, a cargo bike can carry an awful lot; you can carry two or three children and you don’t have any parking problems. Even newborn babies can be carried using special baby carriers.

In the current climate there are a lot of businesses that are quite marginal and so are really keen to keep their costs down. Running a small van is expensive and you could replace it with an electric cargo bike instead. With a cargo bike you don’t have to pay for fuel, MOT or vehicle excise duty. You are also keeping yourself healthy and people notice you because riding a cargo bike is quite unusual.

I’m trying to persuade Hackney Council to support my market service, so I can keep it going longer and expand. I’d also like to be able to run a number of other projects to help families and businesses — for example I’ve been experimenting with using the bikes for a meals on wheels service."


"I’m a market trader at both Chatsworth Road Market and Netil Market and I use the cargo bikes for both. The two-wheeled bike is really easy to ride but the three-wheeled is a bit harder. I can carry four laundry bags in them — the equivalent of two decent suitcases. I couldn’t walk to Netil Market and without a cargo bike I would have to take a cab each way, which would mean that I couldn’t really afford to run my business at this market."


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This article first appeared in London Cyclist Oct/Nov 2012 magazine, delivered free to LCC members now on a quarterly basis.