Benefits of cycling

Commuting by bike is great for your health


Commuting by bike is great for your health, giving you a low-impact workout twice a day, so it can help you keep your weight down.

According to the government regular exercise like cycling also halves your chances of suffering from heart disease, and helps to prevent strokes, diabetes, and some kinds of cancer.

Your blood pressure and resting heart rate will be lower, and you’ll feel more awake and less stressed.


Riding your bike every day could save you a small fortune – and most people make up the cost of their bike in a couple of months in what they save on public transport.

With a zones 1-4 travelcard costing over £120 each month and the annual fee at over £1300, and with the standing, running, congestion charging and parking costs involved in owning a car estimated at over £10,000 per year (that’s not including the cost of the car itself!), there’s no doubt that you’re better off by bike.

Plus with the extra exercise you'll be saving on that gym membership, too!


Road traffic is a major source of air and noise pollution in London, and the transport sector is the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide emissions in the EU.

Anyone who swaps their car or bus pass for a bike will help reduce this pollution and help prevent global climate change. Help stop climate chaos by getting on your bike.


Bicycles are the fastest mode of transport, door to door, in central London. Skip the stationary buses, traffic jams and delayed trains and look forward to having more spare time (especially if you cancel your gym membership!).

You’ll have time in your lunch break to meet friends or pop to the shops or bank, and you’ll probably be able to have a longer lie-in too.


Did we mention how much fun cycling in London is? If you don’t feel confident, contact us for information on cycle training and confidence boosting tips.

Once you’re happy riding in traffic, you’ll see why cycling is the best way to get around London. You’ll get to know the city better, feel fitter and have more spare time.