Best-selling author Kathy Lette champions Space for Cycling T-shirt appeal

Best-selling author and Camden resident Kathy Lette has joined London Cycling Campaign’s call for safe and inviting space for cycling on our streets.

Kathy, who cycles regularly in London, signed up as a Space for Cycling ambassador after being run off the road and suffering a torn shoulder tendon. She’s now fronting London Cycling Campaign’s latest t-shirt appeal to raise funds to expand its campaign.

Kathy says:

Every time I mount my bike, it crosses my mind that I could end up in A&E. Obviously getting healthy is incredibly bad for you! But why should rubbish roads mean I have to curb my enthusiasm (literally) for cycling? Lack of safe cycling lanes and safe lorries means fatter, unhealthier people and more polluted air, giving new meaning to a vicious cycle. Don't let 'cyclist' become a euphemism for 'organ donor.

LCC’s Space for Cycling campaign aims to improve quality of life for all, by making streets safe and inviting for everyone to cycle. So far, the campaign has identified local improvements in all 629 of London’s electoral wards, ranging from making sure there are safe cycle routes to a local school to introducing 20mph on residential streets. LCC’s latest appeal is raising funds to expand the campaign to call for Space for Cycling on every road in London.


The charity has worked with illustrator Ned Joliffe to design a limited edition t-shirt, which can be ordered at Only t-shirt orders placed by the deadline of 30th July will be produced – so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

LCC’s Campaigns Manager Rosie Downes said: “We’re delighted to have Kathy Lette supporting the campaign. Our Space for Cycling campaign is already starting to see  local streets being made safer and more inviting for cycling, but it’s time to go up a gear and call for Space for Cycling on every road in London. 

“This is an opportunity to transform our city so everyone can choose to cycle without the fear of being seriously injured or killed – and with the voices of Kathy and thousands of supporters behind us, we’re ready to do just that.”

The t-shirt appeal is now live, and will run until 30th July.