Bicycle Christmas tree to light up fashionable London square

photo The bicycle store room in Bermondsey Square was designed by the same architects as the bike 'tree'

Bermondsey Square will receive a special gift this Christmas when a 'tree' made from recycled bicycles is erected there on 10 December.

The 'tree' is being designed by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, the company responsible for the intriguing cycle parking shed in the square.

LCC has donated reflectors and spoke cards to help decorate the tree, which is situated close to LCC's head office.

Wed 16 December
Shortwave Cinema, Bermondsey Sq
, SE1 3UN

LCC members are invited to a free screening of The Yes Men Fix the World, a new documentary charting the antics of two pranksters who masquerade in the international media as representatives of the World Trade Organisation.

The documentary highlights many of the inequitable results of policies designed to increase international trade.

LCC chief executive Koy Thomson and a speaker from the World Development Forum will present the film.