Bicycle maintenance courses

A Dr Bike at a cycling event

Many of our local groups run regular cycle maintenance courses, which you can find in our events listings.

There are also bicycle maintenance and mechanic courses running year-round in London, which range from DIY workshops, where you supply your own parts and a mechanic will advise you on repairs, to full-day courses on basic or advanced maintenance, and courses to train you as a professional bike mechanic.

Bicycle mechanic courses

Courses which offer qualifications allowing you to work professionally as a bicycle mechanic are generally accredited with City and Guilds, Cytech or NVQ qualifications.

Information can be found via Cycle Systems.

Lots of information about Cytech training can be found via the Association of Cycle Traders.

Go to our Links and partners section to find more information on bike mechanic qualifications.

Dr Bikes

Dr Bikes are trained mechanics who perform health checks for bikes at events and workplaces. They give bikes a safety check and do basic repairs and maintenance such as fixing punctures and adjusting brakes and gears, as well as advising on potential problems and giving tips on looking after bikes.

We regularly organises Dr Bikes for workplaces, cycling events and community projects. Find out more, on our Dr Bike page.