Bike parking and other locked facilities

Take some time to research bike stands before buying them, to find out what works and what does not.

The common 'butterfly' stands
These can hold bikes by one wheel, may not take up much space but they're not much use security-wise. Undo the front wheel and you can steal the rest of the bike.

Simple Sheffield stands
These are frequently found on the local high street. They can take two bikes each if they are spaced correctly. They also have the advantage of being inexpensive to buy and install. The cyclist simply locks their bike and wheel to the stand using a D-lock or cable lock.

Do not put the bike stands round the back of the building, out of sight. Bike thieves love to work where they can't be seen. Instead, put the bikes in full view somewhere, ideally with security or CCTV watching over them to deter would-be criminals.

Covered stands, or indoor stands
These are obviously preferable because no one enjoys getting onto a wet saddle at night. A locked facility with secure, PIN-based access would make your employees feel much more confident about bike security.

Further information about guidelines on installing cycle parking and a list of cycle parking suppliers are available on this website.

If people start to use the stands, talk to them and find out if they need more. And would they like somewhere to dry clothes? A changing room? Lockers can come in handy, too, allowing people to store panniers, jackets and helmets away from your main working areas.