Bike shortages hit UK

A boom in British cycling has left major European bike manufacturers short on bikes, it was reported last week.

Demand has tripled in the last 12 months, and annual sales increased by 20% in June. This is despite an increase in prices led by a weakened pound.

An ACT survey revealed 95% of retailers are facing cycle shortages, the likely cause being a recession-led decline in stock.

This cycling success is being attributed to commuters choosing to cycle rather that face rush hour tubes and overcrowded buses.

Cycle To Work scheme boosting sales
Numbers are being buoyed by good weather, and a high uptake of the government’s Cycle To Work scheme. It is estimated half of sales in some bike shops are attributable to the scheme.

According to trade magazine Bikebiz, £500-plus road bikes and hybrids are among the worst affected by shortages.

ACT also reported a 20% increase in bike sales in April among half of bike shops surveyed compared with the same time in 2008.