Bike size for women

Choosing the right size bike

The comfort of your bike is dependant on the size of the bike frame, and the size and angle of the parts such as the saddle and handlebars. There are various theories on how determine the correct size of a bike frame, but no one universally recognised standard formula.

The best way to get the right size for you is to try a few different sizes out, not only by sitting on the bikes, but also giving them a good ride round the block, and asking the assistance and advice of the bike shop during this process.

All bike shops will allow you to do a test ride. Some will take a returnable deposit; others will just ask you to leave your bag or bank card with them while you are out on their bike.

If you are spending your hard earned cash on a bike which you may ride everyday, it makes sense to spend at least an hour or so in a shop trying out a few sizes and models. If you can do this in more than one shop, even better. There more research you can do, the better informed your final choice will be.

Some bike shops require you make an appointment to do a test ride, or they might need to build a bike in your size, so it makes sense to phone or drop in to talk about your requirements before the day you want to do the test rides.

On the day of your test ride, think about wearing appropriate clothes. This doesn’t mean kitting yourself out in the latest sporting lycra. Think about how you expect to use your bike and dress accordingly. If you expect to commuting in a suit, wear a suit for the test ride.