Bike theft victim turns to internet to solve crime

photo This website was created by web designer John Biddulph in an attempt to recover his stolen bike

A victim of bike theft has designed a website that he hopes will help capture the thief, and allow other cylists to recover their stolen property.

John Biddulph came up with the idea for after his distinctive Focus mountain bike was stolen from a car park in Shoreham, West Sussex.

A web designer by trade, he built the site, and succeeded in getting local Splash radio to broadcast details

He contacted LCC in the hope that the bike had made its way to London and might be identified by an LCC member.

John said, "It was stolen on 11 November. I gave the police a DVD of the footage and they looked at it, but couldn't identify the thief. They interviewed one person suspected of being an accomplice, but there were no charges.

If you have any information about the bike, please contact LCC using the form below.

Disguise your bike to prevent theft?
It's amazing to see the lengths that some cyclists will take to prevent theft, rather than have to recover a stolen bike. This guy has uglified his high-end road bike, rather than risk it being stolen by thieves in his native Texas.