Bike Week 11th - 19th June 2005

LCC is organising more than 100 events across the capital to celebrate cycling during Bike Week. Visit the Bike Week website for details of all these events.

The flagship event for 2005 is BikeFest. This festival is to take place in Trafalgar Square on Sunday 12th June 1 -5pm. It is hosted by Transport for London's Cycling Centre of Excellence. It will have six themed areas for you to explore, and to learn all you need to know about cycling. Several of the local LCC groups are organising feeder rides to this festival. For details about a ride from your area contact your local borough coordinator.

This years' Bike Week is promoting 'everyday cycling for health and fitness'. All the events are aimed at encouraging more people to cycle more often to help reduce the number of unnecessary car journeys.

LCC is hoping for a record number of people to be involved in the events in London as the number of people cycling in the capital has steadily risen since the introduction of congestion charging.

This year there are more than 2,000 local events being planned across the UK, with the rides hoping to attract nearly 300,000 participants. For more information visit the Bike Week website, or find out what's on in each Borough from their websites. (Links are available via this website from the Borough Groups section).