Bike Week 12-20th June 2004

LCC is organising more than 100 events across the capital for a celebration of cycling during Bike Week. 

Already thousands of people have turned up for bike events in London this weekend including a bike festival in Trafalgar Square at which the London Cycling Campaign ran an advice and information stall.   Attractions included a BMX stunt team, music made from bicycles provided by Weapons of Sound, the Rinky Dink pedal powered sound system, and an area where children could make reflectors and decorations for their bikes.

Events organized by the London Cycling Campaign include several “feeder” rides to the Bikefest event in Trafalgar Square, a bike breakfast at the Tate Modern, a sunset ride through Richmond Park, a flora and fauna ride along the Lea Valley and the renowned summer solstice ride on Sunday June 20 where hundreds of cyclists cycle through London to Primrose Hill to greet the longest day of the year.  There will also be lots of  bike workshops throughout the week to provide advice on cycle repairs, cyclists’ breakfasts and park picnics.

LCC expects a record number of people to be involved in the week’s events because of the rising numbers of people now cycling in the capital.

Tom Bogdanowicz, LCC’s Campaigns Manager, said: “Since the congestion charge was introduced, there has been a 20% increase in the numbers of people cycling in central London - Bike Week gives people the chance to get out and cycle with others and to get advice on anything related to cycling. Cycling isn’t just healthy and efficient, it’s fun.”

Further information

Bike Week is expected to attract more than 150,000 people around the country.  It aims to encourage new and returning cyclists, to increase participation in organised cycling and to promote the social, environmental and health benefits of more people cycling to work.