BikeAware calls for cycle awareness to be part of the driving test

The BikeAware campaign aims to make cycle training for drivers compulsory before they're allowed on the nation's roads.

LCC trustee David Love, who's spearheading the campaign, said: "Only 10% of Britain's 43 million drivers ride a bike once a week or more, though around 80% of adult cyclists drive.

"Not enough drivers know how it feels to be compromised by a motor vehicle, whereas exposure to cycling in traffic would create a generation of drivers better attuned to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians."

The campaign is asking that before commencing the practical driving test, all candidates should satisfy the examiner that they can demonstrate minimum standards of cycle awareness.

In addition to specific cycling questions within the theory tests, candidates (other than those exempted by disability) should either have completed a recent Bikeability course, or show evidence of cycle awareness by means of a practical cycling test.

Love said, "This simple scheme would change the cycling landscape forever."

Find out how you can support the campaign at the BikeAware website.