Six-month trial of bikes on Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is success for London Cycling Campaign

After 25 years of lobbying by the London Cycling Campaign, it's been announced there'll be a six-month trial allowing bicycles on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) beginning on 1 July 2013.

The Mayor's Vision for Cycling promised a trial of allowing people with bikes to use the DLR network, and we and CTC met Transport for London officials on 30 May to help make those proposals concrete.

People will be allowed to take their bikes with them at off-peak times on all DRL services except for Bank station.

Bikes will be not be allowed from 0730-0930 or 1600-1900 on Mondays to Friday (except bank holidays).

The new rules will open up many areas for Londoners to explore by bike: for example, it'll allow an easier river crossing to and from Greenwich.

We advise people not to use Cutty Sark station, which becomes very crowded. To avoid the tourists it is easier to travel from Greenwich to Mudchute.              . 

LCC testing DLR use in June

London Cycling Campaign volunteers will take part in a special pre-trial testing over two weekends at the end of June.

Working with DLR operators Serco Docklands we will help to identify possible problem areas and help inform the advice given to cyclists, Docklands staff and other passengers. 

This week LCC and CTC's rail expert Dave Holladay met with Serco Docklands Ltd's Senior Operations & Customer Services Manager, Louise Cheesman, to plan this operation.

A small group of our members will have special access to the system and will report back on any difficulties they find.

Campaign success

Allowing bikes on DLR has been a long-term campaign objective of London Cycling Campaign.

This is an objective we and other cycling groups have been campaigning for ever since the DLR opened in 1987. 

Bikes are allowed on an increasing number of light rail and tram systems across the world. 

We would also expect to see bikes allowed on the new Crossrail services, especially as they will be replacing many suburban trains that currently carry bikes at off peak times.