Bikes on Trains

Taking your bike on a train is getting harder - write to your MP and your rail operator

The train operators say they want to encourage cyclists, but their actions suggest the reverse. Newer trains have less space for bikes and each operator imposes its own restrictions.

The protest by Brighton commuters, after Southern Trains enforced a bike ban at peak times on the 16th January 2006, has highlighted cyclists’ concerns.

We think it should be much easier for cyclists to travel by train. Transport Minister Derek Twigg MP now has full responsibility for rail policy issues. He’s also the Minister responsible for cycling, so we should expect some joined up thinking.

LCC is working with CTC, the national cyclists' organisation, on lobbying the Government and train operators to achieve better integration of bikes and trains.

If you'd like to make your views heard you can write to your MP via the link on the right.

For emails or letters to MPs you may wish make use of the template (downloadable above right) which is based on that released by CTC.

If you wish to write to Southern Trains the contact for the company’s Managing Director, Charles Horton

Southern rail is part of the Go Ahead Group. Go Ahead’s Chief Executive is Keith Ludeman.

LCC has a working group dealing with cycle parking and cycle carriage. If you are an LCC member and wish to work with this group please send us an email below. You can copy any correspondence with MPs or rail operators to the same email address.