BikeTubes show London commuters the way to work

On both days of the Tube strike LCC led 'BikeTubes' from the suburbs into central London as part of its campaign to get more people to cycle to work.

Over 100 people, novice and experienced cyclists alike, took part in the group rides marshalled by LCC staff and volunteers.

Nearly 15,000 Londoners have visited LCC's dedicated website,, set up the week before the strike to provide useful information on BikeTubes, cycle maintenance, route-planning, and bike hire.

More BikeTubes coming in future
Chief executive Koy Thomson said, "The BikeTubes have been a tremendous success. It was great to see so many people choosing to cycle this morning. We hope a good number of them are inspired to enjoy cycling to work every day."

"We'll definitely be running these again, strikes or no strikes. We know more people want to cycle and these rides help give them the confidence."