BLACKBURN AirStik SL Carbon pump, £44.99,


If you’re after one of the smallest, lightest mini-pumps around, 
the AirStik SL Carbon should be high on your list. Weighing just 51g and measuring 15.7cm end-to-end, it’ll slip into any rucksack (or larger saddlepack) with room to spare. 

Blackburn claims the AirStik’s two-chamber design delivers 
37 percent more air per stroke. 
In practice, we managed to get up to 80psi after 200 strokes. The dual chamber design also lets 
you switch between moving more air per stroke in low mode and high mode to ease the pumping effort, though the switch is inconveniently located under the screwed-down end-cap. Holding the presta-only head onto the tyre valve is a bit tricky, but its tiny size and weight (you can go for a heavier £19.99 aluminium model) still make the AirStik an invaluable addition to your repair kit.