Blind Independence Greenwich wants to offer tandem cycling experiences to wider audience

Local support charity Blind Independence Greenwich (BIG) has added tandems to the list of projects it runs, enabling blind and partially sighted people to enjoy the joys of cycling.

One of the first rides organised by BIG was a tandem ride along the Thames Path (see photos).

Sam Collin is a trustee at BIG and is partially sighted: "I've just discovered tandem cycling, and am having a great time.

"The last time I rode a bike was when I was a teenager, and I can't believe how much I'm loving this new experience.

"Owning a tandem can be expensive and isn't practical for everyone because of their large size, which is why charities like BIG are essential in opening up this activity to more people."

BIG chief executive Colin Brown said, "We want to get more people riding tandems: through the keeness of dedicated volunteers we've already raised £300 towards our next tandem, but we still need £400 to expand the service."

Why not Donate to BIG or contact them to talk about volunteering as a pilot or mechanic?