Candidates for the 2013 Board of Trustees

The election results were published on 19 October 2013, and can be read here. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all the candidates who took part, and to those members who voted. 

Candidate 1: MUSTAFA ARIF

MUSTAFA SAYS "I’m seeking re-election as the current Chair of Campaigns. We’ve succeeded in shifting London’s political landscape for cycling with Love London, Go Dutch. Now we must ensure promises are delivered. I’ll focus on developing the local grassroots campaigning capacity we need to secure lasting change in our city."


Candidate 2: DANIEL BARNES

DANIEL SAYS "I’m a passionate, experienced fundraiser for the LCC, having helped to raise over £8000 in the last two years. I want to use my experience in this area to help the LCC develop its engagement and reach within event fundraising, and to find innovative and creative ways to help connect with new members."


Candidate 3: KIERAN DRAKE

KIERAN SAYS "I cycle every day, in all weather, pretty much everywhere I need to go. I’m passionate about Go Dutch and making London the amazing city it could be for cyclists so that many more Londoners can enjoy it. I’d bring expertise in designing and delivering policy to strengthen the board."


Candidate 4: ANN KENRICK 

ANNE SAYS "For many years I’ve contributed my marketing, governance and fundraising experience to LCC. I’ve given speeches protesting about cycle safety, initiated a kids ride in Southwark, been interviewed on LBC radio, visited local groups, written cycling blogs, contributed to newspaper articles, and written a book encouraging cycling to school."


Candidate 5: TONY LEVENE

TONY SAYS "I’ve been LCC Treasurer and chair of the Finance and Administration Committee since 2011. I’ve overseen resolving long-standing VAT difficulties, our move to problem-free accounts, updating company articles, and selection of new auditors, I’m a freelance financial journalist working for the BBC, The Guardian and specialist websites."



RICHARD SAYS "I’m a business consultant in the creative industries and professor at University of Hertfordshire (see I have rediscovered a passion for cycling after 20 years. I am very keen to support its growth. I know about business planning, strategy, policy and governance and believe I would be a useful trustee."


Candidate 7: CRAIG NICOL

CRAIG SAYS "I’m a former IT analyst, now teacher, and an experienced cycle training instructor who has worked on cycling projects across London. I’m passionate about making London a better city through cycling and will consult widely to find practical ways to increase cycling participation."


Candidate 8: OLIVER SCHICK

OLIVER SAYS "I’ve been a campaigner with the Hackney group for 14 years and have also been a member of the Board before. I’m passionate about transport policy and want to help the LCC develop a ‘Vision for London’ to set the agenda with a broad coalition of organisations campaigning for change."



FRANCIS SAYS "To better represent London cyclists LCC should focus on rapid membership growth, with income generation from subscriptions taking priority over corporate sponsorship. We also require dynamic leadership while enhancing democratic accountability and local group autonomy. With others, let us campaign positively for responsible and considerate behaviour from all road users."


Candidate 10: GRANT SMITH

GRANT SAYS "In 2013 I cycled from Portland, Oregon, to Portland Place, London, researching cycling infrastructure in cities en route. Drivers in America were more considerate towards cyclists, largely due to more effective enforcement of laws introduced to protect cyclists. Enforcement and improved infrastructure are needed to make cycling in London safer."


Candidate 11: RAY WHITEHOUSE

RAY SAYS "I’m a lifelong cyclist and active member of and campaigner for LCC and Havering Cyclists. My aim is to encourage cyclists of all ages to enjoy the pleasures of cycling through safer environments. As a member of the London Waterways board I champion cycling facilities along the canals of Greater London."


Candidate Q&A

Members can vote now using their electronic ballot form, or you can post a question below in the comments section, and candidates will be invited to respond in the same place.