Borough spending plan

Each year Islington Council (LBI) prepares a Borough Spending Plan (BSP) which is its bid to Transport for London (TfL) for funding for transport related schemes & initiatives.

There's been a breakthrough this year, thanks to Pip Howson working at LBI, and we've been asked for our suggestions on improving cycling in Islington well in advance!  Some that we've already made (mainly via this list) are being actioned soon (see my other e-mail) & others (see below) are being considered for incorporation into the BSP 2004-5 & we need to keep coming up with more.

Unfortunately the main roads in the borough such Holloway Road & Upper Street are under TfL not LBI control, so funding is not available for them through the BSP. 

However more liaison is happening between LBI & TfL as a result of the issues we've raised. It is easier for LBI if we make suggestions as per the 4 area committees in the borough (North, South, East & West) examples below:

Area Committee EAST (east of Holloway Road & bounded by Tollington Way/St Paul's Road/Ball's Pond Road)
1. Grosvenor Avenue/Newington Green Rd: review cycle lane

2. Grosvenor Avenue/Highbury Grove: review cycle safety

3. Highbury Place & Fieldway Crescent: shared use track

4. Newington Green Road/Mildmay Grove: review cycle safety re: table

5. Kelross Passage: consider shared use

6. Northampton Park/St Paul's Rd /Wallace Rd: consider cycle access over closure

7. Elmore Street/Cleveland Road /Northchurch Road: review cycle safety

8. Wallace Road/St Paul's Road: safe access

Area Committee SOUTH (south of Pentonville Road/Essex Road/St Paul's Road/Ball's Pond Road)
1. Gt Percy St/Kings Cross Road: two-way cycle lanes

2. Banner St:  allow 2 way cycling to avoid Chiswell St

3. Fortune St/Whitecross St: allow 2 way cycling to avoid Chiswell St

Area Committee NORTH (north of Tollington Way/Camden Rd/Parkhurst Rd)
1. Hornsey Road/Seven Sisters Road: reinstate right turn for southbound cyclists

2. Marlborough Road: review traffic calming in respect to cycle safety

Area Committee WEST (west of Holloway Road bounded by Camden Rd/Parkhurst Rd/Pentonville Road/Essex Road)

Please e-mail any more suggestions and this list too, to Pip.Howson:


It needn't just be schemes on roads, we've also suggested adult cycle training and having a space in the borough dedicated to community cycle maintenance. The more ideas we suggest the more likely it is that some of them will be taken up.

For clarification of the area committees, see LBI's website:

Or search under "cycle".

Or go to services > environment > traffic&transportation > cycle team

There you will find information about what's being done currently.