Bouquets by Bicycle


There’s nothing quite like the surprise of receiving a lovely bunch of flowers, and what would make that even better? Well, it being hand-delivered to you on a bicycle, of course! Petalon does just that.

Based in London, this company have made it easier, more accessbile and greener to send flowers in the capital. Every week they create just two beautiful arrangements, selected based on season or what is the most eye-catching at the local flower market, and each bunch always costs just £20 including delivery. It’s a simple formula and the idea of sending flowers differently means it’s less about extravagance, and more about the gesture, and they often see flowers just sent to say a little thank you.

They’ve also made the whole process as green as possible; they don’t have to use petrol, there’s no delivery vans and impact on the environment, the small selection of bouquets reduces waste and all of these things mean that they can afford to make a charitable donation of £2 from each bunch to support Capital Bee.

Petalon was born out of a love for bicycles and flowers and they say, “We want Londoners to send more flowers to more people across the capital”.

For more information on Petalon and details of their weekly flowers visit their website.